Watch what happens when banging on the glass goes wrong (VIDEO)

When it comes to fans banging on the glass during a game, you lie in one of two camps: either you completely despise these people as they block your view if you're sitting down in the rich seats or you're one of them and feel as if you can serve as some sort of distraction for the opposing team.

We've written on the topic before and on Saturday night during a Central Hockey League game between the Rapid City Rush and Evansville Icemen, the hockey gods who are against glass bangers struck back.

Check out the fan along the boards who reacts angrily to one of the Rapid City players getting taken off the puck with a hip check:

So next time you're sitting at ice level and feel the need to bang on the glass like it'll serve some sort of purpose in a game, take a second and think about what picking shards of tempered glass out of your hands might feel like.

Stick-tap John H. for passing along the clip

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