Sidney Crosby is The Cowardly Penguin on Philadelphia Daily News cover (PHOTO)

Puck Daddy

The fans chant that Sidney Crosby "sucks." The team will issue T-shirts mocking his hatred of the Philadelphia Flyers. Now, before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals on Wednesday night, the Philadelphia Daily News will have this cover lion around (s/t Frank Seravalli):

Wow. Well, guess the Daily News editors deserve credit for not going with the Scarecrow, considering Sid's medical history ...

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It's a tabloid, it's trying to sell papers, and it's obviously a hell of a rivalry.

It's also the paper whose senior writer criticized the Chicago Tribune for its June 2010 graphic featuring Flyers defenseman Chris "Chrissy" Pronger in a figure skating skirt. Wrote Will Bunch:

"Unlike low-rent cities like Chicago or New York, we actually don't run pictures of opposing players in skirts or diapers. We believe our teams can speak for themselves, in the ice or on the diamond."

In fairness, the opposing team captain being depicted as sniveling cowardly feline (with an old school Penguins logo) does not appear to be wearing a diaper.

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