Scott Hartnell’s goal celebration now includes fighting Dion Phaneuf (Video)

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Please recall during the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa last month when Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Hartnell helped set up a goal with the Sedin twins and on his way back to the Team Alfredsson bench told Dion Phaneuf of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who was playing defense for Team Chara, to "suck it".

Fast forward 11 days to tonight's first period of the Flyers-Maple Leafs tilt. Hartnell takes an awkward fall into the end boards after a Phaneuf hit and moments later pounces on a loose puck in front of James Reimer for his 26th goal of the year. After celebrating with a short fist pump, Hartnell and Phaneuf dropped the mitts.

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Hartnell came out of that with an extra two minutes for slashing. If you're wondering what for, it was for the tap on Phaneuf's leg that likely didn't even register with the Toronto defenseman.

Two-thirds of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick on one play for Hartnell. Bravo. He'd later complete the trick with an assist on a Claude Giroux goal.

It wouldn't surprise us to learn after the game that Hartnell broke out the "Suck it, Phaneuf" line knowing his target was in the vicinity. We just hope next time he offers up the D-Generation chop along with it.

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