Rupp given match penalty for headshot to Oshie, (last name)-aban coming

We don't know who is going to suspend Minnesota's Mike Rupp, but we do know it's going to happen.

In the second period of Thursday night's game against the St. Louis Blues, Rupp, making a rare appearance in the Wild lineup, knocked (American hero) T.J. Oshie out of the game with an illegal hit to the head. In the video, Rupp is seen lowering his shoulder and following through, making contact with Oshie's head.

Rupp was tossed and assessed a match-penalty resulting in an automatic suspension until a hearing is held with the NHL.

The hearing will be interesting. With Brendan Shanahan likely headed to Toronto to work some sort of magic with the Leafs, there will be someone new at the helm in the Department of Player Safety. It could be an interim director or the permanent replacement for Shanny. Does this person make an example out of Rupp to signal a regime change or stick with the status quo on these type of hits.