Revenge of the J.J. Abrams-inspired NHL Action Movie FX clips! (Video)

Puck Daddy

Now, while we would never condone dropping a large demolition ball at center ice during the singing of "O Canada," we would like to point out that the on-ice officials were crushed along with the Ottawa Senators …

As we mentioned earlier this month, J.J. Abrams helped create an iPhone app called Action Movie FX that turns ordinary video clips into epic summer blockbuster set pieces. Or rejected ideas from the original "Sudden Death" script. One of the two.

Dmitry is the digital artist who created the "Alex Ovechkin gets blown up by a missile" clip, and he's back with a few more from a recent San Jose Sharks home game.

Where, apparently, things got a little unruly during warmups:

Fun fact: Douglas Murray breathes tear gas like many of us consume oxygen. That's how tough he is.

Meanwhile, they should really install some air traffic controls at the Shark Tank:

Finally, lest Dmitry have all the fun, here's Jason Austin at a York University vs. Wilfrid Laurier University game, and the Best. Faceoff. Ever.

And, Alex Wollnetz from a New York Rangers vs. Ottawa Senators game:

Why does this crap keep happening to the Sens? They're like the John McClane of the NHL ...

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