Puck Headlines: Rangers’ honour assaulted officer Auricchio; Dustin Penner’s wedding video

Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• This is what Dale Weise missed out on.

• Have Steve Tambellini and Tom Renney earned contract extensions for their work in Edmonton? [Sportsnet]

• Claude Noel on Evander Kane's demotion from the Winnipeg Jets' top line versus the Boston Bruins: "For me, I wasn't happy with the way he started the game. Either you are going to play or you're not. Figure it out... I'm not going to wait for him to start, the game has started. I saw two or three shifts and I'd seen enough. It's like, what do you want to do here? If you want to be a key player on our team, if that's what you think you want to be, then get ready to play the game, like everybody else." Not a single word was minced that day. [Winnipeg Sun]

• The New York Rangers are set to honour officer Neal Auricchio, who was assaulted by Philadelphia Flyer fans following the Winter Classic. Great stuff. [NJ]

• Tim Campbell, on Boston's reaction to Brad Marchand's suspension: "They are in a bubble, plain and simple. If you had not seen Marchand's Saturday low-bridge check on Vancouver's Sami Salo and only listened and read about the incident here in Beantown, you would be thoroughly convinced that Marchand had done nothing wrong, that he was just trying to protect himself and that the Bruins are virtually the victims in this matter." [Winnipeg Free Press]

• A midget hockey player in Airdrie, Alberta was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after being cut in the neck by a skate on Saturday. [Airdrie Echo]

• Speaking of assault, a linesman in Woodstock, New Brunswick has been accused of assaulting a teen hockey player after a game. [CBC]

• Karl Alzner on Jack Johnson Tebowing: "It's kind of a stupid celebration." GOD DISAGREES. [Windsor Star]

• No wonder Dustin Penner was so into his wife's pancakes. They're newlyweds. Here's the wedding video. [The Royal Half]

• Speaking of young and sexy people, Brad Richards and Olivia Munn broke up. [Canoe]

• Katie Baker on hockey nicknames: "There's a handful of guys in the NHL whose given names already seem hockeyfied, like T.J. Oshie, Clayton Stoner, and Ron Hainsey, which almost makes me suspicious — like these guys were actually born Oshkowitz, Gladstone, and Hainesworth but some overworked youth hockey clerk decided to just skip a step." [Grantland]

• An editorial on the language debate in Montreal: "Are we seriously talking about what language one man speaks to another man while shoving a puck into a net?" [Montreal Gazette]

• Lindy Ruff shoots down rumours that his contract for seven years, and admits that the team has asked Pat Kaleta to tone it down. [Buffalo News]

• Malcolm Subban, younger brother of P.K. Subban, is the top-ranked North American goalie eligible for next year's draft. [NHL]

• On the absurdity of the Vancouver/Boston media war. It's getting a bit out of hand. We're getting close to "catapulting a cow at our enemies" territory. [Sportsnet]

• In case it wasn't clear that Wayne Gretzky is something of an icon in Canada, here's an article about what a good kindergartner he was. [Cambridge Times]

• The New Jersey Devils are really enjoying playing for Peter DeBoer, who encourages D-men to jump into the rush. Patrik Elias: "When you do that, you're going to make some mistakes but it's more fun to play this way." [Montreal Gazette]

• And finally, poor Cory Schneider has been haunted by this gypsy ghost since birth. It's like if Insidious were a hockey movie. [@Canuck_Bunny]

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