Pierre McGuire cannot distinguish between bald men behind benches (Video)

Ahh, Pierre McGuire. He can tell you the junior team of every player ever, but can't distinguish between bald men coaching professional hockey teams. You know, guys who look just like him, but have way more important jobs.

McGuire's condition became evident on NBCSN's "Rivalry Night" when he went to interview Detroit Red Wings head coach Jeff Blashill.

Pierre is positioned between Blashill and assistant coach Pat Ferschweiler. Once he gets his cue, he goes directly to Ferschweiler as Blashill and assistant coach Tony Granato look on. Ferschweiler looks like he wants to decapitate McGuire before pointing him to Blashill.

The goofy dance thing Pierre does once he's pointed in the right direction is amazing, but not nearly as amazing as to how we found out about this moment...

Mike Milbury called Pierre out during the intermission and played this video. POT MEET KETTLE.

s/t @KyleWIIM

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