P.K. Subban drinks beer from Stanley Cup with Seth Rogen (Video)

PK Subban, via Montreal Gazette Vincenzo D'Alto
PK Subban, via Montreal Gazette Vincenzo D'Alto

P.K. Subban has yet to lead the Montreal Canadiens to the Stanley Cup. But he's led Seth Rogen to the Stanley Cup, through the siren’s song of Canadian beer.

Rogen’s “Hilarity For Charity,” which seeks to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, was in Montreal as a part of the Just For Laughs festival, holding a late-night gala. On Saturday night, Rogen hit the stage with the apparent intent of creating the most Canadian moment in the history of Canada or moments.

Not only did Rogen have Youppi, the beloved Montreal Expos mascot, come on stage with a wheelbarrow of Timbits, but he had the Stanley Cup on stage (right-side-up, Def Leppard).

(Why was the Cup there when no Los Angeles Kings were present? Apparently everyone in Hollywood is eligible to have it for a day, per bandwagon rules.)

He vowed to fulfill a bucket list moment by drinking beer out of it.

Enter P.K. Subban with two pitchers of brew.

Enter beer, into Seth Rogen’s stomach.

Here’s a fan-shot video of the moment:

Great fun, great cause, and great to see P.K. Subban using his time effectively as he awaits his arbitration deadline with the Habs.

But perhaps we’re burying the lede here: P.K. SUBBAN DRANK FROM THE STANLEY CUP.

You can see it in the video, right as Rogen is addressing the rabid crowd.

However, there’s a reason why Subban’s one of our favorite people in the NHL: He’s so shrewd that he drank beer out of the Cup with a straw, as was noted by the Montreal Gazette.

(Boston says: "Told you he sucks.")

Yes, it’s an affront to the Hockey Gods if you touch the Stanley Cup before your time, assuring that you’ll never win it. But he never actually touched it. So as far as we can tell, Subban is free of any supernatural comeuppance.

Unless you want to argue that the beer was in the Cup, was transformed into the blood of Lord Stanley, and Subban drank the beer. Paging Mike Bolt for clarification… 

(UPDATE: As expected, someone had to clarify that this was a prop Stanley Cup.)