P.K. Subban as Jaromir Jagr defeats Chewbacca in NHL skills competition

San Jose Sharks
San Jose Sharks

NASHVILLE – In the end, Jaromir Jagr’s mullet proved mightier than Chewbacca.

The NHL Breakaway Challenge, a.k.a. the goofy hat and superhero cape event, is always one of the highlights of the All-Star skills competition. Alex Ovechkin won the first three times the event was held. Patrick Kane’s “Superman/Clark Kent” attempt won in 2012. Ryan Johansen wearing an Ohio State jersey won in Columbus last year.

The 2016 edition was, hands-down, the most innovative and hilarious edition yet, as P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens donned a Florida Panthers jersey and a mullet wig as Jagr, while Burns put on a Chewbacca mask (as if he needed one).

Players were given two chances to shoot, using any creative means necessary. Fans voted via Twitter to determine the winner.

“Just cooked it up when I get to the rink. I give the trainers credit. They had to spray-paint this wig,” said Subban. “He’s got great hair and a good-looking guy.”

Jagr said his mother didn’t tell him he had a brother.

Subban: “Half-brother …”

It was a spirited competition.

The first shooter was Brandon Saad of the Columbus Blue Jackets, who juggled the puck with his stick, grabbed it, tossed it to the ice, put it off his skate and then scored. Saad’s second attempt was a bit less impressive.

James Neal of the hometown Nashville Predators, had a great hidden puck trick: Firing one off the end boards, and then dropping a second puck to the ice that he had hidden in his gear, beating Cory Schneider.His second attempt saw him have country star Dierks Bentley rush out from the back and score a goal. He then swapped a guitar for Pekka Rinne’s goal stick.

Evgeny Kuznetsov of the Washington Capitals, an early favorite for the event, did … well, not much.

Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene’s first attempt was a blown “lacrosse goal” attempt while wearing a cowboy hat. His second attempt was also a bit of a flub, but he recovered to fire a puck home between his legs with one hand on the stick. He then tossed his cowboy hat to a fan, eventually signing it for him.

Montreal Canadiens’ star P.K. Subban juggled the puck on his blade, then put it over his head, off his skate, back onto his stick and then buried it.

His second attempt saw him skated out in a Jaromir Jagr jersey, complete with circa-1992 mullet, scoring and doing the “Jagr salute.”

Just the greatest.

Brent Burns brought out three impressive props: His son, San Jose Sharks’ teammate Joe Pavelski and his son. Wearing a “Lil Burns” jersey, Burns’ took a drop pass from Pavelski’s son and scored into an open net while former Canucks teammates Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider were fighting. Burns’ son scored, and then skated over to the camera to do a victory dance.

The sequence was capped off by “Lil Burns” going down the line of players, tapping gloves.

Burns’ second shot saw the arena darken, while images of Burns throughout this career flashed on the scoreboard.

Yes, these images:


John Williams’ “Star Wars” theme played, Burns donned a Chewbacca mask and scored on Schneider. And while he celebrated like a Tusken Raider, it was still amazing.

But it wasn’t enough.

For Jaromir Jagr is a modern day Jedi.

Watch the full event here:


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