NJ Devils brought in $26.2 million from playoff ticket sales, says report

The New Jersey Devils are facing issues in ownership and debt load, including $77 million due this summer.

While we'd love to say that their run through the Stanley Cup Final was some kind of Frank Capra-esque story in which that debt was eased through their grit and determination, the revenue they generated would only make a dent.

But it's still a nice chunk of change for a team that probably wasn't counting on such a windfall this spring. From the Star Ledger:

A Star-Ledger analysis culled from 2011 audit figures combined with recent projections from published reports show the cash-strapped hockey team has taken in close to $32.3 million during their extended 2012 playoff run.

The biggest chunk of playoff money came from $26.2 million in postseason ticket sales, according to the newspaper's review. Concessions brought in another big piece with the Devils selling $3.75 million worth of hot dogs, soda and beer during playoffs. Sponsors kicked in $1.1 million to the Devils' bottom line during playoffs. Devils merchandise also gave the team an influx of about $1 million worth of jerseys, T-shirts, and hats.

This has been your occasional reminder that hockey is in fact a business and not just a competition for shiny trophies. Our next scheduled reminder will be in October ... when there is no hockey.