On NHL.com’s sudden lack of video embedding

The good news is that NHL.com has a spiffy new video player that offers high picture quality and functionality.

The bad news is that, upon its debut on Wednesday, it offered no way for anyone to embed the videos on their blogs, Tumblrs, Facebook or anywhere else that code might be used.

This freaked out Paul Kukla, and rightfully so:

I just visited about 20 NHL team sites plus NHL.com and found this to be true- The embed feature is no longer available on any video. Maybe they are still working on that feature or maybe the NHL wants you to visit team sites for all videos.

It really wouldn’t have surprised any sports fan in 2013 to see a league suddenly attempt to take back ownership of its digital video and force fans to visit its website to view it.

Back to the good news: It’s not an NHL rights-grab. It’s a glitch. The League tells us that the sharing functionality is missing at the moment from the new player and that it’ll be restored in the next few days across all NHL.com platforms.

So, crisis averted. We can all go back to heaping praise on the NHL for being one of the only Leagues that liberally makes its video available and hardly ever goes after fans that use its game footage on YouTube.