AHL team apologizes for new mascot’s mockery of firefighter (Update)


It’s been quite day for mascots in hockey. First, the Ottawa Senators revealed four prime minister mascots, which will remind you of the racing presidents featured at Washington Nationals home games. Then it was the AHL’s Adirondack Flames’ chance to introduce a new member of their team.

A new, horrifyingly member of their team with a questionable past.

Meet Scorch:

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If it wasn’t bad enough that I’ll never stop having nightmares after watching Wednesday night’s American Horror Story season premiere, this won't help.

But Scorch's reveal quickly gets worse.

According to Diana Nearhos of the Post-Star, Scorch represents the lasting flame from Glens Falls’ Great Fire of 1864, which destroyed 112 buildings and homes.

Oh, and, this is part of Scorch’s backstory:

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From the Post-Star:

Scorch was supposedly a smoldering ember in Bride and Gown, which was originally Calvin Robbin's blacksmith shop (one of the few buildings in the Glens Falls business district to survive the fire).

Scorch the Flame then overpowered a firefighter, showing his strength.

Yup. A professional sports team's mascot once beat up a firefighter as part of its lame backstory attempting to show a connection to the city's history.

UPDATE: The Flames released a statement Thursday afternoon regarding the new mascot's backstory.

"Earlier today we unveiled our new mascot Scorch.  In an attempt to provide background material for the character who will be the face of our team, particularly with young fans, we crafted a story that Scorch was the remaining ember from the tragic fire that destroyed much of Glens Falls in 1864.

We also crafted a skit that helped to launch the new mascot – with the help of the Glens Falls Fire Department.  While it seemed in good taste when it was on the drawing board, it is evident now that it was in poor taste.

On behalf of our entire organization we want to apologize for our thoughtlessness today.  We have obviously turned something good, the launch of a mascot which we will use to entertain and encourage young fans, into something that is in poor taste.  That was not our intention and again we apologize.

We would like to emphasize that we as an organization take seriously the dangers associated with fire, understand its potentially devastating effects and acknowledge that those in our nation who are called upon to face and fight fires on a daily basis are truly heroes.

We apologize.” – Brian Petrovek, President, Adirondack Flames.

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