Milan Lucic dreams of playing for Canucks (after LA Kings Cup run)

Milan Lucic dreams of playing for Canucks (after LA Kings Cup run)

Milan Lucic has yet to play his first game as a member of the Los Angeles Kings, and already his thoughts are drifting to where he’ll play next.

OK, that’s the pitiless summary of what Lucic said on “The Bro Jake Show” on TSN 1040 during Monday’s interview, but it captures the spirit of the thing: Lucic, a Vancouver native, was asked if he’d ever play for the Canucks and he said it’s been his dream since he was a child … and that he’s a UFA next summer.

The question: “Do you think we’re ever going to see you here, in a Canucks jersey, ever?”

Said Lucic:

“[Laughs] I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen, moving on. I mean, I have one year left on my contract, and there's a possibility that I can hit the UFA market. It's obviously something that's been a dream of mine since I've been a kid: To play in your hometown and play for the Canucks. But right now, the main focus is going down to L.A. and trying to make the most of that. If you look at the roster, we’re still a really deep team that has another chance to make a Cup run. Right now I’m more worried about that than anything else.”

So there you go: Super committed to the Kings’ Cup quest, but admittedly fantasizing about having the Sedins dragging him up and down the ice for 82 games in a Vancouver Canucks jersey.

Hey, you can’t blame a guy for wanting to play the local hero. But maybe don’t treat the Los Angeles Kings as a rest stop that only sells championship rings, refueling on the way up the coast to B.C.?

Lucic will visit both his future home in Vancouver and his former home in Boston this season; he was asked which Boston Bruins player he’d like to get one over on when they battle.

“I’m good buddies with Tuukka. I’d love to get one past him. Maybe run through him like I did another goalie that I ran through before,” he said.

Just a reminder that Ryan Miller is signed with Vancouver through 2017 …