Mike Richards is future of hip-hop and other revelations from Funny Or Die meets LA Kings (Video)

The Fame Makers, a.k.a. Neil Campbell and Mike Hanford, have performed a public service to hockey on Funny or Die: Teaching Mike Richards, Anze Kopitar, Matt Greene and Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings how to be famous sports celebrities so ESPN will finally take notice.

The following video runs over 4:30, but there's a lot of gold here. Check it out:

The Fame Makers with the Los Angeles Kings from Anze Kopitar

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As few reactions to this instant classic:

• Drew Doughty engages in some deep meta humor here as he (a) takes a puck off the noggin, having been concussed earlier this season and (b) does the Dustin Brown reverse water bottle gag. Or maybe we're giving him too much credit.

• Assuming the Sacramento Kings gambit worked, what would Anze Kopitar's celebrity couple name have been? Kopidashian? Kanze? These are really the essential issues.

• For the video impaired, the lyrics from Mike Richards' soon-to-be No. 1 hip hop single:

I like skating on the ice/
Coach Sutter is very nice/
Slap shots are very nice/
Breakdown! Wrist shot, slap shot, backhand goal/

• There's every chance that Matt Greene is a Justin Bieber fan. Two words: Cupcake Wars.