Meet Jan Mursak, the first hockey player with a tail (Video)

Some players are just born to play hockey, and I don't mean because they're good at it. I mean because they're freaks, and their freakish anatomy is particularly conducive to playing the game. Zdeno Chara, for instance, is 90-feet tall. The Sedins are telepathic.

And Detroit Red Wings prospect Jan Mursak has a tail. See for yourself:

If you're not sure which one Mursak is, he's the one blissfully unaware that he's wagging a hockey stick for an entire shift. It's like the hockey version of plumber's crack -- it boggles the mind that he can't feel it.

Of course, as a recent inductee into the Red Wings' hockey borg, it's not surprising that he doesn't have any feelings.

So how did this happen? Mursak picked up the second stick during a run-in with Calgary Flames forward Blair Jones, who loses the stick in Mursak's sweater in the corner.

The NHL rulebook prohibits intentionally carrying two sticks at once, but since Mursak clearly has no idea that he's carrying the thing for an entire lap of the ice, there's no recourse to blow the play dead.

Still, I'm curious what the officials would have done if the puck had deflected off Mursak's tail and into the net. Would it have counted?

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