Matt Bartkowski's mom talks Sedins, Canadians eating geese in hilarious interview

Matt Bartkowski’s mother’s became a bit of a sensation in Vancouver when she was interviewed during the Vancouver Canucks’ 3-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche.

It’s the team’s mothers trip, and the players have their mothers with them. On Wednesday they play at the Arizona Coyotes.

With a high-pitched, exuberant voice Beth Bartkowski finished the interview screaming, “This is the high life! He lives the dream? I’m living the dream!”

If you wanted more Beth Bartkowski after that interview, the Sekeres and Price show on TSN 1040 in Vancouver gave you a glorious gift.

The two interviewed Beth Bartkowski for around 20 minutes on Wednesday.

“My son is going to have my head on a platter,” she said near the end.

“We won’t tell him, this is just between us,” joked Price.

From not knowing Jim Benning, the general manager of the Canucks, to saying everyone on the Canucks was nice except “that little 19-year-old,” to saying Canadians eat geese for Thanksgiving, the interview was pure gold.

Below is the audio. And beneath the audio, we’ve listed the timing of our favorite moments – though really you’ll want to listen to the entire interview because it’s quite comical.

• 2:15 – She recounts a story from November about not knowing who Jim Benning was.

• 4:38 – She has trouble pronouncing “Sedins” even though she points out she’s half Swedish. She also says they, “They are TRULY the nicest guys you would ever want to meet.”

• 5:08 – She says that everyone on the Canucks is nice, “except that little 19-year-old” and talks about teasing him. It’s unclear which 19-year-old she was talking about between Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann.

• 7:00 – She opines about how easy it is to be the Sedins’ agent and says she wants to represent them.

• 8:16 – Sekeres and Price bring up Canucks president Trevor Linden and she screams “Oh my god!” because she’s such a huge fan.

• 9:00 – She explains the secret of Mario Lemieux’s success, or debunks it.

• 9:40 – She explains the joy of seeing two of Matt’s three NHL goals.

• 10:40 –  Because of how much food the Canucks are feeding the mothers she says she has to do the “elliptical on steroids.”

• 13:05 – She says Canadians eat geese for Thanksgiving.

• 14:30 – She discusses Matt’s prom date and his prom outfit.

• 14:50 – She curses on air by accident and then immediately freaks out and apologizes.

• 17:50 – She calls Benning’s mom “adorable.”

Bartkowski’s mom also asks Sekeres and Price to break to the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, because she tried to teach Matt the lessons from that song.

“That’s always been my philosophy,” she said about the lessons from “Simple Man.”

And when asked about her impressions about the Canucks, she lauded them for being a “living on the farm organization.”

The 27-year-old Bartkowski, a Pittsburgh native, has three goals and nine assists in 12 games this season with Vancouver.


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