Los Angeles TV helicopter reporter planned to cover ‘Lakers victory parade’ (VIDEO)

Now that the Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup parade is over and the formal activities of the team are coming to a close for the season, maybe their friends in the media can finally figure out it's a hockey team the city is celebrating for once.

After logo, mascot, player name and historical mishaps along the way to the Kings' first Cup, the L.A. media -- specifically KTLA -- decided to send the team away for the summer with one more error as they prepared for Thursday's parade.

The Los Angeles Lakers were knocked out of the NBA playoffs on May 21. The Kings played seven games after that. Hockey fans realize the place hockey has in the same market as a legendary franchise such as the Lakers, but can there be some sort of meeting over the summer where the L.A. media affiliates get a hockey education?

Now, KTLA has had a major role in the spring of screw-ups regarding the Kings, so we'll hope this is the last one. Hopefully come October it'll have this issue sorted out.

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