Knuckle Puck Time! Watch SNL’s Keenan Thompson recreate his famous Mighty Ducks shot (Video)

Some of you might know Keenan Thompson from his 11 seasons on “Saturday Night Live” – c’mon, “What Up With That?” is a classic. Perhaps you know him from “Good Burger” (Home of the Good Burger).

But if you’re a hockey fan, chances are you also know him as Russ Tyler, No. 56 for the Mighty Ducks and the man who changed hockey with the “Knuckle Puck”:

“D2: The Mighty Ducks” was released 19 years ago; this week, Thompson appeared on ‘Fox Sports 1’s Crowd Goes Wild' and unleashed his trick shot into an empty net.

Because what goalie would dare attempt to stop the knuckle puck?

Kudos to Katie Nolan for having the good sense to turn the “knuc-kle puck!” chants in the far more appropriate “QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!”

So when does Joshua Jackson come on to perform the “triple deke”?