New Jonathan Cheechoo song, now with 100 percent more head-banging (Video)

Sorry, but is there a lighted tree in the corner of the living room and a jolly old man in a red suit sliding down the chimney with toys? Because it feels like Christmas morning …

The Jonathan Cheechoo Song is back!

As you know, Cheechoo is the Moose Factory, Ontario native who shocked the NHL with 56 goals in 2005-06 and then 37 more the following season with the San Jose Sharks. After that … well, he scored 40 NHL goals in the next three NHL seasons combined, and has been languishing in the American Hockey League ever since.

Whenever Cheechoo moves to a new team, his No. 1 fan Aaron Bell creates a new video for his tribute song to the journeyman hockey player, built around this unforgettable lyric:

"Train, train, Cheechoo train/
The [Insert Current Team Here] are gonna win this game/

The last version was “The Greatest Jonathan Cheechoo Song in the History of Ever”, featuring the Mayor of Awesometown (a.k.a. Peoria, Illinois).

Now, here’s the just-released “The New and Improved Even More Better Cheechoo Song (Oklahoma City)”, celebrating Cheechoo’s rather successful (21 points in 21 games) stint with the Oklahoma City Barons, the Edmonton Oilers’ affiliate.


Now, please join us for a journey back through the Jonathan Cheechoo Song catalogue …

Here is Version 1.0 of the Cheechoo song:

Here is, ahem, the rebuttal to that song:

And a cartoon cat singing it:

Which brings us to the Even More Better Cheechoo Song (NSFW for three cuss words):

And here’s the previous one, when he was with the Peoria Rivermen:

Is it wrong that we hope Cheechoo's playing in a different city next season?