Jersey Fouls of the Week: Blackhawks fans produce championship level fouls

Jersey Foul

Have you been to our Jersey Fouls Tumblr page this week? If you do, you may see a pattern. We’ve had many, many Blackhawks jerseys on there.

Unless you’ve ben living under a rock the last week, it’s because the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and their fans are representing, and partying hard core.

The parties for their 2010 and 2013 wins were great, but there’s been something different about this fiesta. Probably because the Blackhawks won the Cup at home. This has equated to championship-level jersey fouls.

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I mean, look at the Scott Darling two-toned monstrosity above. Why get a two-toned Darling jersey? Why not just one tone? (S/t Snickers99poker)

If you want to submit, make sure to email us at or tweet to the hashtag #jerseyfoul. We’ll pick them up, and try to make sure to give credit where credit is due. We’ll throw them up on our Tumblr page!

3. What’s colder than ice?

Love this celebration jersey from Wrigleyville. Just chillin’ (S/t coldechillin4114 on Instagram)

Photo via coldechillin4114 on Instagram
Photo via coldechillin4114 on Instagram

2. Jonathan Toews rules! 

I do not disagree with this guy’s assessment of Jonathan Toews’ play. One word, No. 19 -- incredibly powerful statement. (S/t @hawknut)

Photo via @hawknut
Photo via @hawknut

1.   Duncan Keith had dental work done

This must be a jersey from Chicago’s first championship when Keith celebrated sans teeth. He’s had some work done since then.  (S/t ESPN Chicago’s Scott Powers)

Jersey Foul 
Jersey Foul 

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