Homeless man offers music, health tips to Lemieux, Penguins

Please recall the scheme out of Minnesota with "Sidney Crosby" (hopefully certain characters note the quotes this time around) asking people for money through Western Union to help save a local park. That was eventually solved by two gumshoes, who found out that a female professional wrestler was behind everything.

This morning comes the story of a disturbed man who either really wanted to help the Pittsburgh Penguins succeed or was pining for Mike Kadar's job with the team as Strength and Conditioning Coach.

During a probation violation hearing for James Hoop yesterday on a charge of harrassing a local doctor, his letters sent to Lemieux along with Sidney Crosby(notes) and Jordan Staal(notes) were brought up. Hoop hasn't been charged at the moment, but NHL Security is on top of this issue.

More from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"At first, they were mailed to Mr. Lemieux at his home. But when the notes, Christian music CDs and other items started being tossed over Mr. Lemieux's fence, addressed to his wife and daughters, NHL security contacted the Allegheny County probation office.


Ms. Ollis and Mr. Hoop's attorney, Sumner L. Parker, said the notes started appearing Feb. 19, and are nonsensical at times, telling the players to avoid eating sweets, offering other dietary tips and suggesting vitamins they should take."

Hoop's probation officer said that he "appeared to be homeless at the time of his arrest, living out of his father's car." Hmm, must be a blogger of some sort. If there's one person you want to take health advice from, it's a dude living in a car (down by the river!).

This "fan" also enjoyed dumping religious CD's over a fence in Lemieux's backyard before every home game. Maybe it wasn't just Dan Bylsma's Qdoba burrito that provided some luck during the Penguins Stanley Cup run?

Hoop's many notes were nonsensical and rambling, but one that was understandable read that he did not believe that captain Sidney Crosby was experienced enough to lead the team. I believe that line forms in Detroit, sir.

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