Fox News gives Los Angeles Kings the worst highlight package of NHL playoffs (VIDEO)

As the Los Angeles Kings have pushed to within one win of the Stanley Cup Final, there have been some growing pains for local TV media. Please recall the Kings/Kings logo gaffe that led to an on-air apology, for example.

On Thursday night, as Liz Habib of Fox 11 in Los Angeles (s/t Media Rants) took it to a whole new level with a train-wreck of a highlight package after the Kings' Game 3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes. Watch and wince:

So, in summary:

• Just because there's a hockey team playing in the basketball arena, celebrities still show up in Los Angeles.

• "Anje Kopidor."

• "The Kings still have the ball." Leading to the awkward "let's throw out other non-hockey sports terms as a comedic smokescreen," leading to the reporter rightfully identifying this debacle as "terrible."

• "Brad Doty" says "not tonight." Not Brad Daugherty. Not Drew Doughty. Not Larry Doby. Brad Doty.

• Finally, the station throws up the NHL's pre-lockout logo, for good measure.

In fairness, the score and the teams were right, and the network at no point swapped out the hockey footage for a squirrel riding water skis. But that's about it.

s/t Félix Lévesque