Florida Panthers announcers finally driven mad by their terrible team

It’s a 7-2 game in the third period. The Florida Panthers are losing to the Winnipeg Jets on the road, as their tragic number continues to plummet towards elimination. The fans are doing to wave. It’s garbage time.

What’s a Fox Sports Florida announcing crew to do? Well, if you’re Steve Goldstein and Bill Lindsay, you go a little insane and begin listing Winnipeg fun facts, giving the history of Winnie The Pooh and talking about Slurpees, apparently.

Really, it was that moment when they continues to talk about how much sun Winnipeg gets in the winter through a stoppage in play when you realized they’ve cashed in their chips.

And the Slurpee capital of the world? Who knew!?

“Will you buy me a Slurpee after the game?”

“I will buy you a Slurpee. They got better Slurpees. They know their ice here in Canada.”