CHL team attempts to conga, fist bump its way into Guinness Book of World Records

If you're new around here, aside from hamburger women, we love -- no, adore -- minor league hockey and all the fabulous marketing geniuses behind some of the more out there promotions.

Adding to the growing list of fantastic ideas are the Central Hockey League's Texas Brahmas. This weekend they'll be facing off with Berry Conference rivals the Wichita Thunder and attempt to chip away at their first place lead. It sets up to be a potentially record-breaking evening and that has nothing to do with what might go down on the ice.

From the Brahmas:

"Friday night, the Brahmas, with help from their fans, will attempt to break three Guinness World Records - the longest air hockey marathon, the most simultaneous fist bumps and the longest conga line on ice.

"During the first intermission, fans in attendance will be encouraged to come onto the ice and help break the fist bump and conga line records. The contestants for the air hockey marathon have already been chosen, and the record-setting streak will begin Thursday and conclude at the Brahmas game Friday."

In case you were wondering, the Guinness record for most people in a conga line is 259 and most simultaneous fist bumps is 390. The Brahmas told us they've been averaging around 2,000 people a game this season, so setting new Guinness marks shouldn't be an issue for their fans this weekend.

As for the air hockey marathon, the record is 20 consecutive hours, and the Brahmas have two local high school students set up to break that mark, which, according to the team, Guinness has told them they need to hit 24 hours. The pair will begin Thursday and battle throughout the night.

The Brahmas told us that these three choices were agreed upon from a list of around 50. That must have been one fun meeting.

Had this been a minor league team from New Jersey, we imagine fist pumping would've made the cut instead of bumping.

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