Bruins fan draws Jordan Caron in 'shirts off our backs' ceremony, rues her rotten luck (Video)

A fan reacts to drawing Jordan Caron's name in a shirt off our backs promotion.

The Boston Bruins clinched the Presidents' Trophy on Saturday with a win over the Buffalo Sabres. Then, like many teams, they closed out their final home game with a "Shirts Off Our Backs" ceremony, with each player giving his game-worn sweater to a lucky fan, as opposed to the unlucky guy that does all the team's laundry.

Imagine the excitement of being in that line, with a player's name in your envelope. There's plenty of star power on the Bruins. Why, you might Zdeno Chara, Milan Lucic or Jarome Iginla! So many fabulous players!

Then there's Jordan Caron, who played 33 games as the Bruins' spare forward this season, scoring once and finishing the season a minus-9. He also plays for the Bruins, and the fan that drew his name didn't seem all that happy to be reminded about it. Watch her cringe to the guy beside her before forcing herself to be a good sport about it as Caron skates her way:

If you look closely, you can actually poinpoint the exact moment her heart breaks in two. (I screencapped it above.) And then that's either a boo or a sarcastic "woo" afterwards. I can't tell.

I love her rapport with the guy next to her. Before she reaches into the envelope, she leans over to him. "Okay, I'm gonna go," she says, nervously. She may as well be saying, "no whammys no whammys no whammys!"

And then Jordan Caron, who is apparently the whammy.

Granted, when the kid before you draws Patrice Bergeron and the dude after you draws Tuukka Rask, it's understandable to feel like you got robbed.