Titans running back Chris Johnson tells critics ‘I can care less about fantasy football’ on Twitter

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has joined the growing list of underperforming athletes who are sick and tired of fantasy football owners complaining to them on Twitter.

Apparently, there are some fantasy football owners still stuck in 2009. That is the year Johnson rushed for 2,006 yards and 14 touchdowns, plus added 503 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Those fantasy players seemingly forgot that Johnson has been an average player since that magical year before their recent draft. As a result, they actually expected Johnson to have more than 277 yards and no touchdowns through four games in 2013.

As if drafting Johnson was not bad enough, some geniuses compounded that terrible decision by getting on the running back's Twitter’s page and ridiculing him for his lack of production. As you can guess, Johnson did not appreciate the insults:

These are the same sentiments Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White and Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice shared on Twitter when fantasy football owners criticized them earlier this season.

Ironically, Johnson appeared in a fantasy football commercial for ESPN in 2010, and random strangers gave him a hard time about not producing for their teams in that advertisement. Johnson did not mind the ribbing then, but it appears being known for destroying fantasy football teams no longer carries that funny charm.

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Complaining to your friends about an athlete killing your fantasy team is one thing, but harassing him on Twitter is immature. The majority of athletes are motivated by money or success, and no player looks himself prior to a game and says, “I got to score today because ‘Baby Got Sacks’ needs me.” Of course, that motivation could help the Jacksonville Jaguars right now.

Here is the reality.

If you are a fantasy owner who drafted Johnson, the only person to blame for that move is yourself.

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