Lamar Jackson's offseason absence costs him $750,000

As explained earlier today, franchise quarterbacks who stay away from voluntary OTAs presumably have a reason for not being around their teams. Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson presumably has a good reason.

There's another reason for Jackson to have a good reason to not be there. On closer review of his 2023 contract, Jackson has annual offseason workout bonuses of $750,000.

To qualify, he must participate in 80 percent of the offseason workouts, excluding mandatory minicamp. He has already missed too many workouts, we're told, to earn the $750,000 this year.

An identical payment, with identical terms, is available in 2025, 2026, and 2027.

The annual $750,000 payment were initially believed to be offseason roster bonuses. That is not the case; they are workout bonuses. Failure to earn the bonus drops his 2024 compensation from $32.5 million to $31.75 million.

Looking at it that way, it's not a huge hit to his total pay. Still, $750,000 is $750,000. And, for whatever reason, $750,000 is gone for good.