Buccaneers defensive coordinator says fans can have a soda, plan schemes with him

Are you one of those people who takes joy in watching trainwrecks? Then get your butt down to Tampa, Florida.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, reacting to the scores of armchair coaches who are calling for more man defense, says fans are free to join him and the other defensive coaches at 1 Buccaneer Place for meetings and planning sessions, per Bucs Insider Jenna Laine.

“What I want to invite them to do is join us," Sheridan said. "I get here about 5:20 [a.m.] every single morning, and they’re more than welcome to hang around here until about 11:00 [p.m.] for the first four nights of the week, and they can help us put the whole game plan together.

“We’ve got all the free Cokes you want in the building, and we’ll be happy to take those suggestions on how we can better use Darrelle. Trust me when I tell you we painstakingly game plan how best to use all of our personnel not just Darrelle.”

Free Cokes and a behind-the-scenes look at a real, live, functioning NFL team? Sign us up!

The Revis point likely is fair, to what Sheridan is saying. You can't play man defense if you don't think the other three or four or five defensive backs can hang properly, too. And there are a hundred other factors as well: Is the opposing quarterback mobile? What down is it? Is our pass rush strong? Are their receivers adept at getting off press coverage? And so on ...

But Sheridan's witty response aside, there are signs that the whole operation is going off the rails a bit. When coaches gets snippy like this, it can be a dangerous sign — especially with the team already having defenestrated its starting quarterback and the defense having lacked some urgency in situations.

Many fans could have been reacting to the words of ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who called out the Bucs' coverages, saying they didn't take advantage of Revis' skills best.

Is this all Sheridan's fault? Would playing more man defense be a cure-all? Almost certainly not, in both cases. But the reaction here is what's interesting. Maybe Sheridan and Jaworski are the ones who need to sit down, have a Coke and hash this all out for us.

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