West Virginia adds a gray uniform that is as uninspiring as its color

West Virginia is going gray.

Five months after a photo with a potential gray uniform surfaced on the Internet, it looks as though gray uniforms are now part of the West Virginia repertoire.

West Virginia Illustrated posted a photo of all of Tavon Austin's jerseys, which included the traditional blue and white uniforms, the alternate gold uniform and a new gray with yellow lettering and blue numbers.

West Virginia cornerback Pat Miller also posted a photo via Instagram, which included a sheik gray helmet to complete the look.

The gray uniforms will probably be met with mixed feelings. They're not bad, but they're not all that exciting either. Gray is one of those colors that doesn't scream excitement, but it's an interesting change for a couple games in 2012.

It's definitely not as striking as the Nike Pro Combat uniforms that incorporated the grayish smudges meant to signify coal miner's dust. Now those were something to get excited about. These are, well, gray uniforms.

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