VOD: Louisiana Tech offensive linemen WiggleWiggleWiggleWiggleWiggle …

Dr. Saturday

I wonder how videos like this come together.

I assume someone in Louisiana Tech's marketing department had the idea to get the team's offensive linemen to dance and lip sync LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." How that specific idea popped in his head is an entirely different question.

Then he had to go to the linemen and pitch the idea, with them presumably understanding the video was going to be all over the Internet with folks writing snarky things about their performance. The players decided to do it and credit to them, because it is a pretty funny clip.

The stars of the show are Matthew Shepperd (66), Josh Parrish (73), Jordan Mills (78) and Stephen Warner (63). Shepperd really steals it, mostly because he's able to keep a straight face every time he wiggles into view from off to the side -- which becomes increasingly hilarious as the video goes on. Mills seems to realize the goofiness of it all because he cracks up just about the entire time. Warner and Parrish bust some moves too. Parrish looks like he'd be a fun guy to have at the club.

So there you have it. Big guys dancing to LMFAO. Can't wait to see some other WAC team's defensive line answer with a video singing and dancing to "Party Rock Anthem."

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