Video: Darwin Cook makes amends with Obie, the slightly bruised Orange Bowl mascot

By now, you've all seen West Virginia safety Darwin Cook's 99-yard fumble recovery for a momentum-shifting touchdown in the Mountaineers' 70-33 rout over Clemson on Wednesday night, and his celebartory tackle on the official Orange Bowl mascot, Obie, at the end of the play.

But what Cook didn't know was that the poor, unsuspecting human inside the giant Orange he decided to ambush was in fact a young lady:

And the face he makes is priceless.

Cook was stunned to hear the news during an interview and then, when Obie came up to razz him a little bit after the game, he hugged the mascot and profusely apologized, saying he had no idea the plushy citrus fruit in question was a she.

What a gentleman.

In the meantime, though, future mascots should beware: Obviously Cook has no problem taking out an unsuspecting dude.

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