South Alabama coach Joey Jones gets kicked in the face by his own player (Video)

South Alabama coach Joey Jones. (@GerdOzone)
South Alabama coach Joey Jones. (@GerdOzone)

As the Camellia Bowl between South Alabama and Bowling Green got close in the fourth quarter, things also turned unexpectedly bloody.

South Alabama coach Joey Jones was trying to stop tight end Ryan Onkaa, who was falling out of bounds. However, Onkaa did a partial somersault and kicked his coach in the face not once, but twice.

Jones emerged bleeding with what announcers speculated was a bloody nose. He was seen multiple times with a towel trying to clean the blood from his face.

But he never took a moment away from the sidelines and continued to coach even through medical attention.

That play alone — and the trading of touchdowns in a hectic fourth quarter — made the Camellia Bowl the best game of the opening day of bowls.

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