Mike Leach wants college football fans to stop overreacting

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach wants you — the college football fan — to know that you're overeating to pretty much everything that's going on in the college football world right now.

Leach took to his Twitter page Monday to list his top nine overreactions.

Here they are in their entirety:

1) Notion that everybody cheats.
2) The main individual at fault is always the HC
3) Oversigning.
4) All athletes are broke.
5) Media's role as arbitrator.
6) Players don't know the difference between right & wrong.
7) The notion Coaches search for ways to cheat.
8) The notion administrators are blind to everything.
9) Notion boosters easily controlled.

Obviously, No. 2 sticks out considering Leach has contested his firing from Texas Tech since December 2009. Leach was accused of mistreating Adam James by placing him in an equipment shed as a form of punishment. Leach has maintained that the allegations were untrue and even sued Texas Tech, the James family, and ESPN and a public relations firm for libel and slander.

The entire controversy has deemed Leach damaged goods and few schools will go near him. He flirted briefly with Maryland, but the Terps ultimately went in a different direction.

Now, he's sitting in Key West, waiting for the next opportunity.

But that doesn't make Leach's list any less poignant. Obviously, almost all of Leach's complaints are pointed at the issues going on at Ohio State, and if anything, he has insight many watching on the periphery don't and that lends credibility to his criticisms.

So, take the list with a grain of salt, but know that he probably has had experience with each one of these things at some point in his career.

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