Louisiana-Lafayette safety tries to escape from the police

This happened last week, but I felt it needed a mention.

Louisiana-Lafayette freshman safety Hunter Thibodaux was suspended after being arrested for allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Now, here's why it needs a mention:

Thibodaux was not the driver of the car -- at least not initially.

After the police stopped the vehicle for speeding and removed the driver from the car, Thibodaux moved from the passenger seat to the driver's seat and attempted to drive the car away from the scene.

"While the officer dealt with the driver, he observed Thibodaux climb back into the vehicle and begin to drive away from the scene," Cpl. Paul Mouton, a spokesman for the Lafayette Police Department, told The Daily Advertiser. "Signs of him being under the influence were noted by the officer."

Thibodaux actually got several blocks before he was stopped again by another officer. At this point Thibodaux was given a field sobriety test, which he failed.

Had Thibodaux not panicked, he might have gotten away. Remember, initially he was not asked to leave the car. He was comfortably in the passenger seat before he decided to pull his unsuccessful getaway.

Thibodaux is a non-scholarship player and coach Mark Hudspeth said he would determine his future with the team sometime this week.

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