Johnny Manziel’s angry College Station tweet? It was over a parking ticket

I wasn't particularly fond of the parking cops when I was in college. I felt there had to be something better for the police force to do than wait for the moment a meter expired to charge a broke college student with a parking ticket. I would get irrationally angry about it. Most of us have probably been there, in some form or another.

Johnny Manziel was there in the early morning hours on Sunday. He was reportedly angry about a parking ticket. And he sent out a vague tweet about it, saying he couldn't wait to leave College Station. And that tweet, without its proper context, set of another round of criticism of Manziel and whether he's a spoiled brat, superstar who needs to step away from Twitter, the next Maurice Clarett or just a college kid who is being scrutinized too much for basically being a college kid.

Nothing sums up the Johnny Football circus quite like this. His angry (expletive) tweet about how he couldn't wait to leave College Station was just some rage over a parking ticket, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The paper said he was on a fishing trip in Port Aransas and his vehicle in College Station was ticketed, for being parked the wrong way in front of his house and having his windows tinted too dark.

Now, Manziel probably could have avoided this becoming a story had he mentioned that reason in his tweets, either the one he deleted or the one he kept up about walking a day in his shoes. Then again, "Johnny Manziel got a parking ticket" would have been a referendum for some who would have rushed to the comments section to discuss how horrible of a person he is.

He's a polarizing figure, and we're still not sure why. He had one really regrettable incident, but the rest of his world tour has been a young guy having fun and taking advantages of the opportunities he has after winning the Heisman Trophy. Why him accepting an invitation to throw out a first pitch at a Padres game is considered evil by anyone is beyond us; we're pretty sure most people would accept as well. You probably wouldn't pass up a chance to hang out with LeBron James, either. Manziel is a pretty fascinating figure on and off the field, and for the most part it has been all harmless fun. (And don't turn this into a "because the media is out to get Manziel!" issue until you read the comments on any of our Manziel posts; we're pretty sure there aren't many sportswriters and radio hosts chiming in there.)

So here we are. Manziel got mad about a parking ticket, his reaction became a controversy and for some, was further proof of how poorly he handles himself. Maybe we should all walk a day in his shoes.

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