Jameis Winston allegedly shouted an obscene phrase in the FSU student union

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For nearly a year, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has been exhaustive telling everyone who would listen — and that's a lot of us — that quarterback Jameis Winston is a really mature guy.

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And habitually, Winston proves his coach wrong.

The Heisman Trophy winner’s latest act of immaturity came Tuesday when he reportedly stood up on a table in the Florida State student union and yelled an obscene phrase at the top of his lungs.

Winston’s choice of phrase wasn’t random. It came from a fake newscast video that surfaced earlier this year (please note that the link contains obscene language). The phrase was then turned into a meme and people then thought it was funny and cool to yell it during live newscasts… and apparently in student unions.

It’s easy to chalk Winston’s behavior up to some childish college prank, but when is enough going to be enough? He’s not an average college student; he’s not just some guy. He’s the face of the Florida State football program — some would even say the university itself — and a Heisman Trophy winner. If former Heisman winners were up in arms about former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel sullying the bronze trophy’s image with his partying, one can only imagine what they think of continually seeing Winston’s name attached to negative headline after negative headline.

It was just five months ago that Winston was cited for stealing crab legs from a local grocery store and six months before that he was the subject of a sexual assault case. He’s still at the center of an unresolved Title IX investigation involving the same alleged victim.

There also was a BB gun fight that resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage to an apartment complex and Winston stealing soda at a Burger King.

And he’s only been on campus a couple years.

Florida State has yet to address Winston’s latest headline and it's unclear if it even will. Think Fisher might suspend him for Saturday’s game against Clemson? Well, if Fisher didn’t suspend him when he was accused of sexual assault, Winston is probably not going to see much punishment following his obscene outburst in front of a bunch of his peers.

Winston might be a proven leader on the field, but off the field he has proven to be a liability. At some point, Florida State is going to have to weigh the cost of winning with the cost of its own integrity.

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