Derek Dooley on Tyler Bray: ‘Obviously, his accuracy isn’t where it needs to be. He missed the trash can.’

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley would like quarterback Tyler Bray to improve his accuracy off the field too.

Bray is accused of two separate incidents of vandalism -- both involving beer bottles and cars at The Landings Apartments in Knoxville. On Thursday, Dooley commented on the incidents, one of which Bray has apologized and pledged to pay for.

From the Tennessean:

"He's made some progress in a lot of areas, but that's just silly behavior," the Vols coach said Thursday night at the 46th annual UT All-Sports Picnic at Lipscomb's Allen Arena. "Any time we get a little negative publicity for our program, we take it seriously."

Later Dooley added: "Obviously, his accuracy isn't where it needs to be. He missed the trash can."

The first complaint came on Friday night and the second came Monday afternoon.

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

According to a police report, Bradi Hudson parked her 2008 Ford Special in the parking lot of the The Landings apartments near the Tennessee River in Knoxville Friday night. On Saturday morning, 22-year-old the car's roof had been dented and the windshield smashed. She found a note on her car with a name, phone number and message that read, "I know what happened to your car."

When Hudson called the number, she was told two males had been "drinking and throwing beer bottles and golf balls at her vehicle" the night before, according to the KPD report.

The note Friday night was reportedly left by the owner of the car that was vandalized on Monday who believes that Monday's incident was retaliation for calling the police Friday night.

No charges are expected for either incident. Hudson declined to press charges after Bray called to apologize and pay for the damages, which were listed at over $500 in the police report -- that's a felony in Tennessee. There are no witnesses for Monday's incident. In March, Bray told the Knoxville News Sentinel that "I wasn't the smartest guy. Kind of dumb. This year I'm trying to get my act together and trying to get this team where it needs to be."

There's no word on how throwing bottles at cars fits into that plan.

Bray started the first five games of 2011 before missing five games after injuring his hand against Georgia. Last week at SEC Media Days Bray was the Tennessee nominee for the American Football Coaches Association Good works team and Dooley talked about Bray, a junior, being the face of the Tennessee offense and had this to say:

"Of course, the third thing is sort of a lifestyle change. You have to live as the quarterback at Tennessee. If your lifestyle is not reflecting that, then it's going to be hard to go out and perform to your best," Dooley said.

"I've seen a real change in his maturity level. I'm hoping he continues on that path and I'm hoping it will net him some big results this fall."

And you know what else nets you big results? Recycling your beer bottles. Nothing against Dooley's sentiments -- disposing of your beer bottles in a waste container is always preferable to throwing them on cars -- but you should always take the opportunity to help the environment.