Alabama’s shattered BCS crystal ball trophy fetches more than $100,000 at auction

After this bit of news, every school that has a BCS crystal ball trophy will be "accidentally" knocking theirs on the ground and calling an auction to sell off the broken pieces.

Last year, Alabama's crystal football for winning the title at the end of the 2011 season was broken. Carleton Tinker, the father of long snapper Carson Tinker, somehow knocked the ball off its stand. It fell to the floor and shattered. No big deal because insurance covered the cost to replace the trophy, which is valued at about $30,000 (keep this number in mind).

We're sure someone at Alabama, once the football was scooped into a dustpan and put into the Crimson Tide's most modestly priced receptacle, thought it would be funny to put the million pieces of broken glass into a bowl and sell it to the highest bidder. Maybe make a few bucks, have a laugh. Because, while it's kind of cool and certainly unique, who would buy such a thing?

And then the shattered trophy sold for a reported $105,000, which is more than three times what the unbroken trophy is worth.

If that's the going rate, the plate I broke on the floor this morning is headed straight to eBay.

That's unbelievable. And Tinker shouldn't feel bad about his gaffe anymore, considering it ended up being a six-figure windfall.

So if you see people at Auburn playing hot potato with their crystal ball or Les Miles punting LSU's trophy through the football offices, you'll know why. There's good money in the shattered trophy market.

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