Young Jeezy gives ESPN’s Jay Bilas a shout-out in new song

Whether it's quoting his lyrics on Twitter, referencing his songs during broadcasts or joking about his obsession during interviews, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas is certainly Young Jeezy's biggest celebrity fan.

That's why it was both hilarious and awesome to see the rapper return the favor by giving Bilas a shout-out in a new song.

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The track in question is actually a newly released remix to E-40's "Function." In his verse, Jeezy says "we goin' to work like Jay Bilas," a reference to the ESPN analyst's typical weekday morning tweet which includes a verse to Jeezy song followed by the phrase, "I gotta go to work."

Bilas clearly got a chuckle out of hearing his name in the song based on his tweets about it Friday morning.

Wrote Bilas, "Jeezy drops a "gotta go to work like Jay Bilas" line in the E40 Function remix, 'cuz, this is what he sees in me...." What followed the ellipsis? A picture of the word "SWAG" in giant block letters, of course.

Bilas shared the story of how he became a Jeezy fan in an interview with XXL magazine in December. It started during a 2011 College GameDay broadcast when Michigan State forward Draymond Green told host Rece Davis he listens to Jeezy on his headphones before games.

"Hubert Davis and I started joking," Bilas told XXL. "Hubert asked if it was on my iPod and I said, 'Damn straight, it's the first thing.' I knew who Jeezy was but I wasn't an avid listener. But I started listening and I liked it.

"I ended up getting a question on Twitter and someone asked me about my favorite rappers and I said Sugarhill Gang and Young Jeezy. I started listening to Sugarhill Gang when I was in high school. Then and now I knew all the words. It was a serious answer. And then someone said no way does Bilas know Young Jeezy. And I started quoting Thug Motivation [101] and it's been fun. I enjoy the back and forth. It's been neat banter on Twitter."

Bilas now has the ultimate comeback for anyone who still says he isn't a true Jeezy fan: His name appears in a song. Not many others can say that.

(Thanks, CollegeBasketballTalk)

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