Rick Pitino answers a reporter’s phone during his presser and hilarity ensues

Louisville coach Rick Pitino was in the midst of his postgame news conference after his team's victory over Missouri-Kansas City on Saturday when a local radio host's phone went off on the podium.

Some coaches would have rolled their eyes, scolded the reporter or ignored the ringing phone. Pitino did the exact opposite. To the amusement of the reporters at the press conference, he answered it.

"Hello," Pitino said with a smile. Then he exchanged pleasantries with the woman on the other line, telling her, "I'm doing great. How about yourself?"

The woman clearly had no idea she was talking to Pitino even after he said he was doing a press conference, so she inadvertently invited Pitino to meet for a drink once he got done. It was only then that Pitino politely told her he had to go out recruiting and gave the phone to WNDA radio host Bob Domine, the man to whom it belonged.

"Some people want to have a drink with you, Bob," Pitino said, finally unable to keep a straight face any longer. "And they want to meet at Jeff Ruby's [Steakhouse]."

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Having your phone ring while it's recording a coach's press conference is a reporter's nightmare, so Domine had to be relieved by Pitino's reaction. The Louisville coach is obviously very relaxed and happy these days, and why shouldn't he be?

He made the Final Four last spring. He returns a title contending team this season. And his Cardinals improved to 7-1 by pounding Missouri-Kansas City 99-47 behind a career-high 31 points from guard Russ Smith.

Yup, it's good to be Pitino right now. So good that he hasn't lost his sense of humor the way so many coaches seem to this time of year.

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