Marshall coach’s sideline flop was Oscar-worthy

Like a professional wrestler selling a bump, a soap-opera heartthrob dumping his on-screen girlfriend or an international soccer star attempting to draw a penalty kick, Marshall coach Tom Herrion apparently isn't afraid of a little overacting.

With four minutes left in the first half of Marshall's 65-64 victory over Central Florida on Saturday night, Herrion dropped to the floor and clutched his chest after Knights guard Isaiah Sykes appeared to graze him with an elbow as he ran down court. Herrion's over-the-top acting became more bizarrely melodramatic from there, leading some reporters to fear he'd actually suffered a heart attack.

Referees spent 15 minutes reviewing all angles of the play on a courtside monitor before deciding to call a flagrant foul on Sykes. Asked about the play by reporters after the game, Herrion was quick to downplay it, tersely calling it a "non-story."

Central Florida probably feels otherwise considering how close the game was. Marshall hit one of two free throws, which was significant since the Thundering Herd went on to beat Central Florida by a single point to remain unbeaten in Conference USA play.

It's considered gamesmanship when a player flops to draw a charge or feigns being waylaid by an elbow, but for a coach to resort to that crosses the line to bush league.

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Herrion's sideline antics benefited Marshall in the short term since it helped the team win a key conference game. Now that the video has finally surfaced and it's receiving national attention, however, he may soon regret his over-the-top display.


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