You go, guy! Spike Albrecht tweets Kate Upton and says he would like to see her again (duh)

Michigan's Spike Albrecht was trending on Twitter during the first half of the national championship game Monday night when he came off the bench to score 17 points and stake the Wolverines to a 12-point lead.

Albrecht's magic eventually wore out, but he was hoping to scrape some of it together on Tuesday morning. That's when the 5-foot-11 backup point guard found the courage to take advantage of his newfound stardom by tweeting to super model Kate Upton.

Atta boy, Spike! Why not try to start a conversation with one of the most beautiful women in the world during your brief time in the spotlight? Considering she's obviously a fan of your team, it seems like a no-brainer. Albrecht showed he isn't the type to shy away from an opportunity when he was called off the bench early in the first half of the title game to replace national player of the year Trey Burke, who found himself in early foul trouble. All Albrecht did was take over the game for a good 10 minutes with the nation watching.

And hey, maybe he actually has a chance with Upton. She recently said she's single and she's in his age bracket. She seems to like college hoops. She was born in Michigan and has deep family ties in the state and she tweeted this from outside the Georgia Dome before the title game.

Good luck, Spike. Even given all your advantages, you're still probably going to need it.

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