John Stockton wasn’t very popular at the Barcelona Olympics (VIDEO)

As I noted in an earlier review, Wednesday night's "The Dream Team" documentary on NBA TV was pretty terrific, particularly for its behind-the-scenes glimpses at the team's intense practices and the ways in which the players became friends during their time together. For most of the players, it was also a chance to experience what it's like to be bona fide sensations, with fans overseas going absolutely nuts every time they'd show themselves in public.

However, one of the Dream Team stars went about his time in Barcelona mostly undisturbed. In the funniest moment from the documentary, John Stockton simply walked around the famous La Rambla street with no distractions. No one screamed his name, and even self-professed Dream Team superfans from America didn't recognize him. Stockton took his own video of his conversations, and it's all pretty shocking given the all-encompassing celebrity of the best basketball team ever assembled.

Stockton has a fairly nondescript look, all things considered, but he's not so dull as to be unrecognizable. Part of what makes this clip so amazing is that there's really no rational explanation for it. Stockton was an NBA All-Star and the backup point guard for a universally loved team. And yet here he is, walking around a heavily populated area with no disturbances whatsoever. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

(via TBJ)