Jeff Gordon wants to claim you as a Facebook friend

The National Guard has been an associate sponsor for Jeff Gordon ever since the Guard joined Hendrick Motorsports when Dale Earnhardt Jr. arrived, so the National Guard sponsoring Gordon's car at Darlington really isn't that big of a deal.

Well, it is still the National Guard, per se, but this week, they're using the hood space to bring attention to their Facebook site.


Currently, over 462,000 people are fans of the National Guard on Facebook (or they "like" it. I can't keep up with the Facebook changes this week) so it will be interesting to see if that number bumps up significantly in the coming weeks.

And heck, given how copycat sponsor opportunities tend to be, if the Guard's effort is successful Saturday night, we may see more sponsors advertise their social media outlets on their cars. Just think, we may only be a couple of years away from real time Tweets from your driver's favorite sponsor on his rear decklid!

(Now is probably a good time to pump up our own Facebook page, plus my Twitter and Jay's Twitter. Follow us, become fans of us... heck, become groupies. I hear we have really cool backstage gatherings.)

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