Fan sues Charlotte and Fox Sports after 2013 cable cam incident

A fan who was in attendance at the 2013 Coca-Cola 600 is suing Charlotte Motor Speedway and Fox after a cable holding the camera mounted above the track broke.

When the drive cable snapped, the cable landed in the grandstands and was hit by cars on the track, including Kyle Busch's. The fan, Patrick Carpenter, is seeking more than $10,000 in damages per the Charlotte Observer.

From the Observer:

Patrick Carpenter filed suit last week in civil court in Randolph County saying he was injured and scarred on his right arm and shoulder after the synthetic cable fell and was then snagged by passing race cars on the track. Patrick said he suffered permanent impairment of his right arm.

Fox and the speedway declined to comment on the suit.

Carpenter, represented by Michael Lewis and D. Stuart Punger of Winston-Salem, said in the suit that Fox and the speedway were negligent in not better inspecting and protecting spectators from the overhead cable and camera rig, called a CamCat.

The race was broadcast on Fox. 10 people were treated after the incident. The speedway said immediately following the mishap that seven were treated at the track and three were taken to a local hospital.

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