Create-a-caption: ‘Where’s the smart guy who didn’t pick me to win?’

Brad Keselowski takes aim at his critics after last week's Kansas race. But surely you can come up with better captioning material than that, can't you? Have your say here.

After the jump, President Obama vs. Tony Stewart. Cage match! Cage match!

Photo 3- " I had Biden put two coats of wax this time. Hope this is OK, Mr. Stewart?"

Photo 1- Ryan: "Jimmie wanted to stand over here, but I wouldn't let him through."
Stewart: "Don't blame me, Jimmie, blame Obama like everyone else."
Obama: "What?"
Kenseth: "I'm not paying attention, just looking to see if there's a potential sponsor in the audience."

Photo 3- Obama: "Hey Tony, you do know technically I own Chevy, right? I guess, you work for me!"

Photo 2- After hearing about the wild parties, Brad and Kyle decide to try out for the Secret Service.

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