Craziest Moment: Ryan Newman spins David Gilliland and gets himself collected

From the Marbles

If Ryan Newman wanted to send David Gilliland a message, consider that message delivered. However, it wasn't delivered optimally.

Newman tagged Gilliland in the left rear as the two were exiting turn two on lap 300 of Sunday's race at Dover, and the bump sent Gilliland into the wall on the backstretch. However, Gilliland bounced off the wall and careened towards the inside of the track and collected Newman as he slammed into the inside wall.

The two cars came to a rest near each other and Gilliland climbed out first and ambled over to Newman's car, where the two drivers had an animated conversation while Newman unbuckled from his car and took off his helmet. Once Newman was out of the car, the discussion continued until it was clear that the two were going to agree to disagree and Gilliland tossed his HANS device towards his car and walked off.

Newman declined to be interviewed after exiting the infield care center. Gilliland's point of view? Well, he was pretty straightforward saying that Newman "wrecked us." What did he say to Newman afterwards?

"What were you thinking? The 7 car (Dave Blaney) was holding me up," Gilliland said. "We were going, we both had race cars, we were racing each other and it was way too aggressive."

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