Congratulations! Fox apparently listened to your complaints

Great news for NASCAR fans, especially those who were especially peeved that Fox didn't get reaction from (or attempt to get reaction from) Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin. Fox is going to offer extended post-race coverage online.

The Overdrive on will begin immediately after the network ends its broadcast coverage of Sunday’s Sprint Cup race. The program will use Fox’s entire nine-person broadcasting crew and consist of live interviews and analysis that will be streamed to its Web site.

“It’s something we should have been doing all along,” Bill Brown, senior producer for Fox Sports, told The Associated Press on Thursday night.

“It’s definitely a can’t lose, especially when you take into account what the audience wants to see. We are trying to take care of an audience that has invested four hours into the race, wants more, and can we give them more.”

Hopefully this is the first step of what will be expanded online coverage of NASCAR races by Fox. TNT's RaceBuddy is a fantastic application that offers extra camera angles and coverage during commercial breaks, but that's only on (operated by Turner) during TNT's summer slate of races. Now that Fox has dipped its toe into the internet streaming water, we can only hope that they'll dive in shortly.

The one downside to this is that if another race runs over its allotted time slot, Fox could dash away from television coverage as soon as the winning driver gets out of his car to drive traffic to their site and get affiliates back to local programming even quicker.

But hey, we've got some more NASCAR content available. That's never a bad thing.