UFC 142 vlog: Dana White tells Vitor Belfort about Anthony Johnson’s situation


Dana White's latest vlog does a nice a job of showing behind-the-scenes coverage of how the Anthony Johnson weigh-in miss went down.

Vitor Belfort arrives at the arena (2:45 mark) and is blown away by the fact that Johnson wasn't going to make weight. He explains that his cut was tough. As he thinks about what to do, Belfort begins to intensely chew on a towel full of ice to get a little water into his system.

White gives him the option of not making weight either, but then he wouldn't get 20 percent of Johnson's purse. His nutrition coach Mike Dolce is brought into help make a decision and says Vitor is going to be professional and do his part.

Later in the video, Johnson is informed on stage that he has to weigh in again on Saturday and be under 205 pounds. The exchange between White and the fighter is cordial.

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