Here’s a shocker: Dana White says Floyd Mayweather would “get murdered in the UFC”

Kevin Iole

For years, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and former undisputed light heavyweight boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. have talked about boxing each other. UFC president Dana White hasn't put an end to the silliness and said that he wouldn't allow Silva to compete in a boxing match. As a result, the ridiculous talk of such a meaningless fight continues.

Boxing and mixed martial arts are completely different sports and, despite some similarities, the skills in one don't necessarily translate to the other.

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This boxing versus MMA scenario was shown to be a farce at UFC 118 in Boston in 2010, when former UFC champion Randy Couture easily defeated former boxing champion James Toney.

Yet, people never seem to get tired of asking how a boxer would do in the UFC or how a UFC fighter would do as a boxer. White appeared Monday on the syndicated late night talk show, "The Arsenio Hall Show," and the subject came up yet again.

Hall asked White what would happen if pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd "Money" Mayweather fought in the UFC. White's answer, of course, was not surprising, but he made a good point in explaining it.

He'd get murdered. He'd get murdered in the UFC. Here's the thing: These guys always talk about this crossover stuff -- and Floyd's going to go crazy because I said that, too now -- but the bottom line is the dissrespect these guys show for each other's sports.

My guys thinking they could go over and box and Floyd thinking he could come over here in the UFC. It's like, you go to a knife fight with a guy and the other guy has got guns and chains and crowbars. There's so many more weapons in the UFC than there are in boxing, so it makes no sense.

Totally agree, Dana. Top-level boxers would destroy top-level mixed martial arts fighters in a boxing match.But top-level MMA fighters would easily destroy top-level boxers in an MMA fight. Neither proves a thing.

So, Dana, tell me again why you haven't totally ruled out the Anderson Silva-Roy Jones fight yet?

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